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Extreme Copy 2012

It will be awful when we have to spend much time waiting some files being copied. It will take a lot of our time if we copy a very big size of files. what a waste…

But we do not need to worry any more, there is a software that will help our jobs, its name is Extreme Copy 2012 , the latest version of extreme copy, the features have been modified to make it copy the files faster.

Extreme Copy 2012  is a software  copy and move files and folders extremely fast , it can increase 20% ~ 120% speed up than a normal copy from window. It also offers some wonderful features like pause copy process, error recovery and many more.

Some other powerful features are:


* Full with crack
* Faster than its previous version.
* Controllable. it can be  pauses and resumed copy process
* Simply, it will work directly replacing the windows copy function.

* User Interface looks simple and friendly.
* Multiple Languages support, you do not need to have problem with the instruction.



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