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Lenovo A369i Update Firmware

Lenovo A369i Update Firmware

Lenovo A369i Update Firmware

You are confused about how to do an Lenovo A369i Update Firmware on your favorite phone, do not worry because we will provide a solution for you, but you must remember that the risk will occur on your mobile phone will not be our responsibility, because here we just provide information and not to suggest you to do so.

Here’s the way Lenovo A369i Update Firmware:

  1. To start with, you have to download a stock firmware Lenovo A369i Update Firmware
  2. That RAR record will contain 3 envelopes – in particular: Lenovo A369i_ driver document, Lenovo A369i_software Upgrate Tool and Target_bin. Separate every one of them in a helpful index to take a shot at.
  3. The main thing we have to take a shot at is the drivers for the telephone. We will introduce it first before everything else. To introduce it, REMOVE BATTERY of telephone.
  4. Open Device Manager.
  5. Grow Ports (COM & LPT)
  6. Connect to USB link. Furthermore rapidly search for a gadget which has a name of Preloader that will be introducing, however Windows couldn’t think that its driver.
  7. For just… like 3 seconds from the minute you connect to USB link to the telephone, it will be gone. Thus, you have to be quick. Before it will be gone, right click it and click Update Driver. Pick physically introduce driver and point it to the catalog organizer Lenovo A369i_ driver record. Presently, you will have Mediatek Preloader USB VCOM Port.
  8. Next is the Software Upgrade Tool. Open the organizer Lenovo A369i_software Upgrate Tool and run Flash_tool.exe
  9. Click File -> Open Scatter-stacking File… -> skim to the organizer Target_bin and click the document Mt6572_android_scatter.txt
  10. Check the case DA DL All With Check.
  11. Unplug USB link.
  12. Plug it again and after 1.5 sec (you have to be quick), click Download.
  13. In the event that you did it right it will begin downloading records into telephone. This will give us a chance to evade future blunders like blunder in allotment in SDCARD. Hold up for the GREEN CIRCLE to pop out.
  14. 14. After that, uncheck the container DA DL All With Check.
  15. Unplug USB link, then attachment it once more, for 1.5 sec click Firmware -> Upgrade catch.
  16. Sit tight for it, it will require significant investment. Regardless of the possibility that it demonstrates 0% it is even now living up to expectations its enchantment. You recently need to hold up for the GREEN CIRCLE to pop out.
  17. After that, unplug USB link.
  18. Put battery on.
  19. Turn on telephone.
  20. Sit tight for it, and BOOM!!!

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Lenovo A369i Update Firmware

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