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The Dark Knight Rises v1.0.2 (iOS game)

The Dark Knight Rises v1.0.2 (iOS game)

The Dark Knight Rises v1.0.2 (iOS game) – Bruce Wayne again had to wear a suit Batman. Now his enemies are Selina Kyle and Bane, a sworn enemy that wants to take the Batman all that he holds dear. Proceed with colleagues Batman and defend Gotham from Bane. Characters from the movie – Catwoman, Lucius Fox, Commissioner Gordon – will take you to an unforgettable world. Epic game Assignments and random events make you feel like a superhero. You will release the hostages, defuse bombs, to prevent the escape from prison and stealing cars. Combat system and cinematic techniques will take you into the heart of action. Collect items, open techniques.

YOU – The Dark Knight Use the harpoon to cross the city, or to disarm the enemy, betarangi to knock down the opponent or click away – the possibilities are endless. Get behind the wheel Bet-mobile or bet-vinga to move around the city.

SUCH Gotham you have not seen Explore Gotham map appreciate the excellent graphics, thanks to which you are transported into a dark universe of Batman. What’s New in Version 1.0.2 – Optimized for the 4-inch Retina display on iPhone 5

 Download The Dark Knight Rises(816.35 MB)
LINK 1 (The Fastest)

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