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X Ray Camera App Android

X Ray Camera App Android

You can download X Ray Camera App Android  for your android devices, easy to download. If you like to adventure with with cameras , you must download this app for your android device.

X Ray Camera App Android enable you to capture photos through buildings and walls. That’s amazing, the thick wall can be penetrated using this x ray camera. However, the GPS feature must be activated on your device before using this camera.

These are some helpful tips from the apps store about how to use this camera:

If your device appears to be pointing in the wrong direction, move the device in as if drawing a “figure 8” to re-calibrate.

If stuck on “charging, please wait” first make sure you have activated gps on your device.

If you are indoors walk towards a door or window, your device is looking for a gps fix. Sometimes, just waving your device around picks up the gps signal.

If you are in the country, desert, near a canyon or facing a large body of water, point and zoom towards a road. You may need to increase the zoom factor if you are far away from a road.

Try zooming different distances and facing different directions when you zoom. It’s a lot of fun to visit an area miles away!

Cant wait to download this apps? you can download it here by clicking the download link below or you can download directly from the apps store


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