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Firefox 24.0 Beta 8 Offline Installer

Firefox 24.0 Beta 8 Offline Installer

The Web is dependant on innovation, and Firefox 24.0 Beta 8 pieces the pace with dozens of new features to offer a faster, better and customizable Net browsing experience for those.

User Experience. The enhancements for you to Firefox 24.0 Beta 8 provide perfect browsing experience on the net. The new Opera smart location pub, affectionately known because the “Awesome Bar, ” learns as people use it, adapting to end user preferences and giving better fitting matches after some time.

Firefox 24.0 Beta 8 Offline Installer features

Performance. Firefox 24.0 Beta 8 is built in addition to the powerful brand-new Gecko platform, producing a safer, easier to use and more individual product.

Security. Opera raises the pub for security. The revolutionary malware and phishing protection helps protect via viruses, worms, trojans and spyware to keep people safe on the net.

Customization. Everyone uses the internet differently, and Firefox lets users customize their browser with increased than 5, 000 add-ons.

Download Firefox 24.0 Beta 8 Offline Installer here by clicking the download link below


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