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http://blog.openstudy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/advisor-abroad.jpgIt is well known that English is not an easy language to learn, particularly as a second language. English is considered to be a highly irregular language that presents an array of obstacles for non-native speakers.  There are a lot of ways of spelling some sounds and, similarly, many ways to pronounce individual letters. Therefore, the standard English writing system is not able to capture all the sounds of English pronunciation. However, the proficiency of English skill is really important in globalization era.

Here I would like to provide a link to download a software which can help you to measure your ability in english proficiency ( especially for dual degree students in language center Unsyiah who fight for Scholarship).And for those who are about to apply for scholarship like Australian Development scholarship (ADS) and some other scholarship, this software will help you to notice your ability in english. The software’s name is IELTS Test Software

IELTS Test Software IELTS Test Software is a free license software. The purpose of the software helps people enhance English skills. This software provides 3 part of test; Listening, reading and writing . The score will be given directly after you complete all of the test. Hopefully, the software will help you improve your Listening, writing and Reading Skill.

For you who can’t wait to download this software, can directly download this software here. PASSWORD RAR : alfarish.com

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