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TP-Link TL-Wn722n Driver Windows 8

TP-Link TL-Wn722n Driver Windows 8

Looking for TP-Link TL-Wn722n Driver Windows 8? here you can download the TP-Link TL-Wn722n Driver both for windows 7 and windows 8. The list of the drivers here can also be obtained in the official website of TP-Link . Please hit the link of the rivers and you will be directed to download the driver from its original source.

Download TP-Link TL-Wn722n Driver Windows 8



Published Date 11/13/2013
Language English
File Size 12.59 MB
Operating System WinXP/Vista/7/8
Notes For Windows 8


Published Date 7/24/2013
Language English
File Size 1.22 MB
Operating System Win7
Notes Beta Driver for Win7, fixed the bug that Win7 OS can’t load the driver after Win7 OS waking up.


Published Date 11/21/2011
Language English
File Size 8.93 MB
Operating System WinXP/Vista/7
Notes For TL-WN722N V1


Published Date 6/29/2010
Language English
File Size 32MB
Operating System 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7
Modifications and Bug Fixes
  1. Add WHQL Driver Signing


Published Date 3/16/2010
Language English
File Size 31.3 MB
Operating System Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Notes For TL-WN722N


Published Date 11/27/2009
Language English
File Size 24.528 MB
Operating System Win2000/XP/Vista
Modifications and Bug Fixes
  1. Add support to Vista 64bit.
  2. Utility verion upgraded to
  3. Fix the problem that after uninstall QSS utility there remains an empty folder named TP-LINK.
  4. Fix the problem that after uninstall utility there will be display problem in the device manager.
  5. Fix the WPA authentication problem.
  6. Fix the problem that after installing utility the Windows logon screen will be modified.
  7. Fix the problem that after using QSS in Win2K,the profile can´t be refreshed in Utility.
  8. Modify the LED status to off when the NIC´s status is disable wireless.
Notes For TL-WN722N


Published Date 9/9/2009
Language English
File Size 24.112MB
Operating System Win 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Notes for TL-WN722N

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