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Smadav Pro Free Download

Smadav Pro Free Download

Smadav Pro Free Download is the antivirus that have been proven its reliability.  Smadav. In general it SmadAV Free antivirus and SmadAV Pro has the same ability to cope with local viruses are often attacked.

Why Choosing Smadav Pro Free Download

Perhaps, you are still asking, if you can get the free version Why Choosing Smadav Pro Free Download? The premium or the pro is always better than free. There are some features that do not exist in the free version. It does not mean the free version is not good but the addition of the pro version is more attractive and the appearance is more beautiful.

SmadAV Free  can not Perform Automatic Update but Smadav pro can update without downloading the manually and installing the latest version. Whereas if you use it once appeared SmadAV Pro latest version, SmadAV Pro will automatically update

SmadAV Pro has a Smad-Turbo Scanning Facility. Smad-Turbo is the fastest antivirus scanning facility in the world.  SmadAV Free and Pro  have different speed scanning. Free SmadAV takes about twenty minutes or even more to scan the entire contents of a computer but Smadav pro can do it faster.

SmadAV Pro equipped facilities color change. Another specialty SmadAV Pro is not owned by the Free SmadAV is SmadAV Pro has a facility to replace the color-changing display. Colors look at first is green can be changed with the color desired by the user. While the Free SmadAV, color zoom will remain always green has not been updated for a SmadAV Pro.

SmadAV Pro is More Commonly Used. Smadav antivirus used as an antiviral for an agency that has a computer network, such as Internet cafes or offices which have several computers at once, usually the SmadAV Pro.

How to get Smadav Pro Free Download ?

If you want to have the pro version of smadav , Smadav Pro Free Download, you must be a member SmadAV by sending an email to Smadav@gmail.com. afer confirming , the Registration Key will be delivered by a team SmadAV . If you want to get smadav Pro 2013, just hit the download link below.


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