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Smadav Antivirus Free Download 2016

Smadav Antivirus Free Download 2016

Smadav 2016 Download Free

As the best Indonesian antivirus, smadav gives the a good service for you to protect your computer from the harmful viruses. one of the advantage of this anti virus is that smadav can be installed together with the other anti virus, they will not crash and it is safe for your computer.

The history of Smadav Antivirus Free Download 2016

Not many people know about the terms smadav . The name is taken from the name of the high school in the town of Palangkaraya, Central Kalimantan. SMADA of the name stands for SMA 2 while AV is short for anti-virus.

Since the creation of antivirus SmadAV, over time the software works Nafarin Zainudin, who was still in high school 2 Palangkaraya increasingly used by computer users. Because software made powerful in warding Zainudin and eradicate viruses on the computer.

The results of this work is a very sophisticated piece of work and of course we have acungi thumb for software performance is the nation’s children to compete in such an international anti-virus.

Smadav Antivirus Free Download 2016

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Smadav 2016

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