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Download PCMAV Raptor 2014 8.5 has proved itself as the best anti virus. In this release PCMAV 8.5 Raptors have had as many as 6777 virus database, so PCMAV able to recognize the malicious program is the better course.

What is new from PCMAV RAPTOR 2014

  1. UPDATED! Added a database and virus cleaning 73 local / foreign / new variants have been spread in Indonesia. Total 6777 virus and its variants.
  2. IMPROVED! Addition file: Cure.dll as supporting files PCMAV.
  3. IMPROVED! The addition of a special formula to normalize the attributes of folders and files hidden by virus.
  4. FIXED! Attribute Extension Fixer no longer automatically minimize after selecting the folder to be processed.
  5. IMPROVED! Change the name of a new variant virus was found.
  6. IMPROVED! Some minor improvements and bug improvised internal code to ensure that antivirus PCMAV remains the pride of Indonesia.

Get the latest PCMAV Raptor 2014 now via the link we provide below.


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