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Norton 360 Multi-Device Anti Virus

Norton 360 Multi-DeviceNorton 360 Multi-Device protects all your devices. Perhaps you are one of many people who have more than one device. Maybe 2, 3 or even anyone have up to 4 gadgets. It is cool … But it should be also considered security against malware attacks or other malicious programs.

Confused? if you must use a variety of software Antivirus different for each gadget.

Do not be confused, because Norton, one of the leading security companies in the world, have a solution.

Now has come the Norton 360 Multi-Device. With the Norton program, you can install it on your own gadget with 3 different types of OS, on Windows (Desktop PC / Notebook), Macs and Android devices (smartphones and tablets).

You can install Norton 360 with only one license is valid for 1 year at 5 different tools. Is it going to be installed on all Android gadgets, PC Desktop / Notebook or Mac all or a combination of all three. Not a problem.

What features would you get on to the 3 types of OS. Let’s see the features of Norton 360 Multi-Device

  • Protection for any combination of Macs®, PCs and Android™ smartphones and tablets
  • Tracking and recovery for lost or stolen Android mobile devices
  • Automatic PC backup for your music, photos and important files
  • Manage your protection from anywhere, right over the Internet



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