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GeeKz Virus Remover (GVR)

 GeeKz Virus Remover (GVR)

Sometimes antivirus like Avira and Kaspersky can not detect some types of virus stored in our computers, especially the local virus that originated from Malaysia . So to overcome this problem, we need the local antivirus.

In Malaysia itself, the famous local antivirus is GeeKz Virus Remover (GVR) produced by ApoNie. In addition to working to remove the virus, it can also improve the registry has been corrupted by a virus.

For antivirus from neighboring countries, the Raymond wrote about 12 Antivirus Software from Indonesia effective in removing viruses like Brontok and JambanMu. The anti virus are PCMedia Antivirus, ANSAV, SmadAv, and more.

However, the antiviruses mentioned above have not been able to match the leading antivirus like Avira and Kaspersky, but you can use it as a supplement to existing antivirus.

Most of this is purely local antivirus portable, so you can insert it into the USB drive for use on other computers.

But it is different with Malaysian Antiirus which is known as  GeeKz Virus Remover (GVR). This is the best portable antivirus.

Cant wait to download it? just hit  the download button below



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