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Flash Renamer Download

Flash Renamer makes you easier to rename hundreds even thousands  files in one click, it has some features like case convert, sequential numbering and replace. You can save much time with this software, you do not need to rename your files one by one. Sometimes it is very difficult to rename your collection of digital camera’s photos, Mp3s, or even your private collections.

This software also allows you to set your filenames to UPPERCASE, lowercase or First Letter Case. Find & replace strings within the filenames. Set the file date & attributes. Remove unwanted spaces. Add & remove characters at certain positions. It is really powerful.

You also can  sequentially rename your files based on their width/height, length, bitrate & framerate from movie, music & image files. Flash renamer also can detect the files which do not have proper extension and it will change it to the correct one.

Don’t waste your time renaming your files one by one. Use flash renamer – the best file utility. download the software here freely

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