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Diary One 6.8 2012 is the best diary software ever, it has a wonderful interface. It is well known as a creative multimedia diary software for storing private information securely. It has a very secure diary using a stylish interface and full support for rich text, images, multimedia and attachments.

With Diary One 6.8 you are not anly able to type your diary with keyboard but also with microphone by recording your voice or just from a web page. The best thing from this diary is it has many appearance design, you can choose the template as you like. You also can desing the appearance by yourselves . It offers different stationeries and emoticons to choose from, as well as a clipart library from where you can drag and drop icons, images or illustrations into your diary pages.
DiaryOne also comes with a built-in recorder, that allows you to easily create voice diary entries.

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