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Now, technology growing rapidly, not only in the field of hardwarethat has now been issued a newest product from several leading brands. Technology not only that but the technology is sufficiently broad that it covers us puzzled to classify it. One of them is in the field of telecommunications and communications. The most enjoy doing and the most widely used in the field of social media. In 2013 there are  lots of social networks that we can use to communicate with many others use it to search for friends, family and business. And this time there is one piece of software that we can use to communicate with the cool. This software is called WeChat.

Now technology growing rapidly, not only in the field of hardware that has now been issued a newest product from several leading brands. Technology not only that but the technology is sufficiently broad that it covers us puzzled to classify it. One of them is in the field of telecommunications and communications. The most enjoy doing and the most widely used in the field of social media. In 2013 is a lot of social networks that we can use to communicate with many others use it to search for friends, family and business. And this time there is one piece of software that we can use to communicate with the cool. This software is called WeChat.

Usually when we chat it’s a conversion of just using text or call vidio wechat but with this we can make voice calls or voicemail, do obrola in groups like yahoo messenger and can send a photo. Actually Wechat not only can we use gadgets based on Android, but we can also use it in some type Wechat than android which we can use in gadget type Symbian, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Apple. And delicious again this Wechat installed we can download for free.


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