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Mozilla Firefox 9.01 2012


Are you still using the old version of mozilla firefox? still browsing with a slow internet? Get the newest version of Mozilla firefox Right now. Mozilla Firefox 9.01 2012  interface has been designed by a team of experts and tested by a community of millions of users around the world to make sure your browsing is as easy and intuitive as possible. Therefore, the speed of your browser is faster that the previous version.

The performance of Firefox has been optimized to support the way you browse, and with faster start-up times, rapid graphics rendering and improved page load, Firefox is fast in ways you’ll notice instantly.

The Newest version of firefox also included for your phone, All the awesomeness of Firefox, packed into a mobile device. That’s the coolest from Mozilla, you can browse everywhere you are. cant wait to use the the newest version of fire fox? download it here

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