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When some one asks you, which one is the fastest browser in the world, I think you’re gonna answer that Google Chrome is the fastest Browser in the world. But there is another fastest web browser in the world, it is Google Chrome 2012. There are a lot of differentiations between the newest version and its previous version?

Google Chrome 2012 is a must have web browser software on your computer. You will enjoy spending  much time surfing many websites with it.  When you search, chat, email, shop, bank, read the news, and watch videos online, you often do all this using a browser.

Why using Google Chrome 2012?

Speed – This version is designed with a very short loading time, even when you have a very slow internet connection

Simplicity – Google chrome is eye catching, simple but interesting .

Security – it is the most secure web browser in the world, built-in malware and phishing protection, autoupdates to make sure the browser is up-to-date with the latest security updates.

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