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Modoo Marble Online Download

What is Modoo Marble Online  ? .

Modoo Marble Online is a game made by indonesian game designers. This game is similar to Monopoli game that usually played by children. Now you can find the online version of it. Modoo Marble Online only provides two modes, Solo Mode andTeam Mode.

Both of The winner of this game is determined by the unique rule:

  • The player wil win if the other player get bankrupt.
  • The player will win if he / she can take over three area at the same time.
  • The player will win if he /she can take over in line area.
  • The player will win if they can win the all tourism area at the same time in the stage Tourism monopoly.

This is very challenging game, you will spend your time by playing this game, very interesting.

Cant wait to download Moodo marble? just hit the download link and the game will be yours


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