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Swfmodify Software 2012

Perhaps, you never know how to modify the files with the extension .SWF but your curious will end soon. Swfmodify Software  will help you to modify or edit the .swf files, you can use person’s flash video to make your own video with a little editing. This software is totally free to download, it’s really powerfull. You can make flash picture, video to your websites, blog, or you wanna send it to your friend, you can do it all with this Software

Swfmodify Software Review

Swfmodify Software is useful tool for edit , rebuild flash file, and it’s free. It’s different from other edit tools. You do not need  experience of flash design, all you should do is click mouse button. You can replace virtual item in .swf file, and save as another flash file. In the future, we hope every user can upload your flash resources for the others. If we share more and we can get more.

The way to use this software:

1.Open a flash file extension is .swf
2.Edit current frame or all frame
3.See preview in player and save new flash file.

New Featuresof the latest SwfModify

1.Delete item from flash movie.

2.Replace item with picture,text.

3.Repalce item with other flash item.

2.Export shape,movieclip,sound resource




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