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PCMAV anti virus 2012

PCMAV anti virus 2012 (PC Media Anti Virus) is an Indonesian anti virus Express for Qvod made for cleaning different variants Qvod the in-the-wild, stop the process Qvod on the infected computer memory, clean the infected file, either executable file or an HTML / ASP with complete and accurate information on any drive (hard disk or removable disk) which is attached, and repair registry altered Qvod.

How to Use PCMAV anti virus 2012:

1. Run PCMAV  2012 for Qvod.
2. Make sure your users have Administrator equivalent rights.
3. Disable / close applications (antivirus, Windows Explorer or other programs) that are still active in order not to disrupt PCMAV Express.
4. Disable the Autorun functionality (reference link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/967715).
5. Attach the flash that is infected on your computer in order to participate cleaned by PCMAV Express for Qvod.
6. Make sure your computer is * not * connected to the network or the Internet during the scan process.
7. Once completed, it is advisable to restart and re-scan (if necessary).
8. Make sure all PCs are already connected in the network have also been free of viruses, before you return the PC connected to the network.


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